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Body Wise Podcast

Jul 1, 2021

Laura is sharing about perimenopause and menopause through a matriarchal lens, reframing the transition as a transformation and a beautiful evolution. Laura clears up what symptoms to look for in perimenopause, what qualifies as menopause, and how to work with the change instead of against it.


  • Menopause and how we’ve viewed the transition in the past (00:18)
  • The science behind perimenopause and menopause (03:29)
  • What symptoms can tell you about your hormones (10:11)
  • Rewriting the narrative of menopause (11:34)
  • Viewing and treating menopause through a matriarchal lens (13:40)
  • The experience behind menopause (18:16)
  • Menopause as a rite of passage (22:48)
  • What to expect in the season ahead (26:03)