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Body Wise Podcast

Mar 15, 2021

Cristina talks with Dr. Brandy Victory about the layers of healing, going all the way to the root cause and imparting wellness on the cellular level. So many of us have been convinced that we are not active experts on our own healing, but the truth is we all have a divine right and ability to heal. So how do we tap into that, and what can we do with that information? This episode covers a little bit of everything.


  • Meet Dr. Brandy Victory (01:55)
  • Getting to the root cause (03:54)
  • The roles that our conscious and subconscious minds play in healing (07:52)
  • Working through the mindset of only treating symptoms (13:01)
  • How to tap into the energetics of healing (18:15)
  • The intersection of healing and quantum physics (22:10)
  • Belief systems as a healing tool (25:14)
  • Bioindividuality and tapping into your unique root cause (28:33)
  • Honoring your body’s seasons (30:57)
  • Accessibility in functional medicine and planting seeds (32:34)
  • More from Dr. Brandy Victory (42:45)



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