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Body Wise Podcast

Feb 15, 2021

Cristina and Laura get to talk with Heather Coonan about her experience with vulvar cancer. From the diagnosis to treatment, plus the healing process and everything that comes after, Heather shares her story, beyond cancer. Heather’s grace and raw honesty empowers us all to pursue a different path in our individual healing journeys, and in our relationships with our bodies and pleasure as women.


  • Life with lichen sclerosus and the beginning of Heather’s health journey (03:55)
  • How Heather self diagnosed correctly (5:22)
  • Heather’s official diagnosis and the c-word (06:53)
  • Medical trauma, power imbalance, and the struggle of body autonomy from a female perspective (14:01)
  • Taking the power back as a patient (19:40)
  • Self-advocacy and body autonomy within a cancer treatment plan (21:14)
  • Combining conventional healing methods with naturopathic modalities, becoming cancer-free (23:25)
  • Making real lifestyle changes for long term health (28:26)
  • Life after cancer and supporting survivors (38:36)
  • Enjoying sex after a physical trauma (40:47)
  • Questioning the normalization of women’s pain (44:55)
  • Vulvar cancer, women’s pleasure, and reimagining the conversations we have as a society (53:31)
  • Getting clear on your personal values in a health crisis (1:00:48)



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