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Body Wise Podcast

Jan 15, 2021

Cristina chats with body connection coach Lauren Geertsen about how we can heal our relationship with food while healing the relationship and trust we have with our bodies. Lauren is the author of The Invisible Corset and has dedicated herself to helping clients around the world trust their bodies and step into their soul purpose.


  • Meet Lauren Geertsen (00:20)
  • Where food as medicine worked, and how it fell short (01:20)
  • Body connection coaching (03:34)
  • How diets fail, why fat people aren’t inherently unhealthy, and fat discrimination (05:10)
  • The difference between affirmations and afformations (09:22)
  • The power of flower essences (12:15)
  • How our disconnection from our bodies harms us (14:22)
  • Visualizations, reintroductions, and what to do after we heal (18:42)
  • The 5 strings in The Invisible Corset (22:13)
  • The history behind controlling the female body (28:51)
  • Where body positivity falls short (33:02)
  • How the beauty industry disconnects us from our true selves (37:27)
  • Our bodies as our true soul mates (50:19)


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