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Body Wise Podcast

Oct 1, 2020

The Sacred Feminine lives within all of us, and it’s calling for us to wake up and step into our power. Cristina and Daniele talk about what it means to be a witch and how to harness your gifts in a way that makes you feel closer to your truth. We all have something to bring to the table, and we can all share and become stronger in sisterhood.


  • Meet Daniele Della Valle (00:19)
  • Activism and using your privilege for good (1:38)
  • Disrupting the wellness space with inclusivity and creating a system for all (06:21)
  • Awakening to rewilding of women (16:09)
  • The healer identity, witchcraft, ceremony, and the Sacred Feminine (18:47)
  • The importance of sisterhood and honoring our cycles (24:38)
  • Embracing femininity, and the health implications of disconnection (25:28)
  • The power of orgasm and the importance of self-pleasure (31:55)
  • Social media and the female experience (39:17)
  • How travel builds empathy and connection (45:00)
  • What’s on the horizon (48:25)