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Body Wise Podcast

Sep 1, 2020

We can’t appreciate what we don’t understand, so in this solo episode, Laura is guiding you through the first step of loving your period through education. Cycle phases, hormones, anatomy, and physiology, plus how we change mentally and energetically throughout different parts of the cycle. We are not broken, the system is, and taking back our power is the first step in healing.

Post-recording Note from Laura: Cervical mucus is amazing! Not only because it alerts us to impending ovulation but because it is designed to keep sperm alive and facilitate passage to the egg once it’s released. That’s right, sperm can live for up to five days in our bodies if cervical mucus is present! It's a fertility powerhouse.


  • Meet Laura and Love My Cycle (00:19)
  • The importance of cycle education (1:10)
  • The physiology of the menstrual cycle, from Day 1 (3:50)
  • Fertilization (or not) and what happens after (9:35)
  • Tracking your cycle (12:37)
  • How our brains change throughout the menstrual cycle (13:43)
  • The four phases of the cycle (14:41)
  • Mind/body/spirit/earth connections (16:09)
  • Science as an empowerment tool (17:20)
  • Optimizing your fertility naturally (19:15)
  • Education before medication (22:14)


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