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Body Wise Podcast

Jul 1, 2020

Cristina talks with Angela Bicos Mavridis, founder of TRIBALÍ Foods. Angela discovered the nurturing power of real foods growing up in her grandmother’s Greek kitchen. After 30 years on a processed vegetarian diet, she listened to her body’s innate wisdom, started incorporating meat, and THRIVED. Angela is fulfilling her mission to make ancestral eating easier in the modern world, and might just change the food industry in the process.



  • Meet Angela and TRIBALÍ Foods (00:18)
  • Jumping into the market of consumer packaged goods (07:35)
  • How to pursue your dream (12:42)
  • Making healthy food work when you have no time (16:12)
  • Food deserts and food insecurity, and making a difference (18:18)
  • Balancing motherhood with entrepreneurship (22:04)
  • Being the change within the packaged goods market (26:46)
  • How to get your business off the ground and into the grocery store (31:19)
  • Confidence and mindset of a change maker (35:14)