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Body Wise Podcast

Mar 1, 2020

Strong personal boundaries serve as a blueprint for how we treat ourselves, and can teach others how we want to be treated in our relationships, whether they're romantic, platonic, or familial. Healthy boundaries go beyond relationships and impact our lifestyle, finances, and more. In this episode with Kyndra Holley, we’re talking about what boundaries look like, how to maintain them, how gentle honesty can empower others, and more.



  • Introducing Kyndra and boundaries within our friendship, chatting about Peace, Love, and Low Carb (02:35)

  • Creating boundaries on social media, navigating internet trolls (10:45)

  • Managing expectations on social media (16:31)

  • Setting boundaries in every day life (21:44)

  • Building a digital community while minding boundaries (24:57)

  • The importance of sharing your real self and owning your story (29:15)

  • How to be okay with not making everyone happy (47:25)