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Body Wise Podcast

Feb 1, 2020

STRESS! We all have it … and we’re not always good at managing it. This episode, we’re talking about signs of stress and how to manage stress: foods to eat to support your body, vitamins, minerals, and supplements for stress support, how stress impacts hormones, connecting to your body and your senses to come back to yourself, preventative measures for high stress moments, and more.


  • Letting yourself let go of the hustle (5:00)
  • Eating to nourish your body and manage stress (7:26)
  • Non-food ways of nourishing ourselves and recharging (14:11)
  • Symptoms and signs of stress (18:43)
  • Making the choice to take care of yourself and why it's so important (21:49)
  • How stress impacts hormones (34:41)
  • Supplements for stress (40:28)
  • The power of surrendering to yourself (44:53)