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Body Wise Podcast

Jul 15, 2021

Cristina talks with women’s health expert, Danielle Hamilton, about Insulin Resistance and PCOS. What symptoms to look for, what they can tell you, the biggest obstacles to healing, and how to manage Insulin Resistance and PCOS using diet and lifestyle interventions without all the dogma.


  • Meet Danielle Hamilton (00:19)
  • Getting a PCOS diagnosis and where conventional treatment fails (07:24)
  • Symptoms and causes of PCOS, blood sugar dysregulation, and insulin resistance (12:54)
  • Using food as medicine for PCOS (23:52)
  • How PCOS impacts hormones (26:16)
  • Customizing healing protocols for your needs (29:57)
  • Actionable tips for insulin resistance (47:54)
  • How stress and diet dogma impact healing (52:50)
  • Moving forward in healing (01:05:40)