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Body Wise Podcast

Apr 15, 2021

Cristina talks with Rebekah Borucki: mother of five, an author, founder of Row House Publishing and Wheat Penny Press, meditation guide, birth doula, and mentor for creative healers. Bex actively advocates for her community and is a living example of how to openly stand for social justice within your business. Together, they talk about how to tell your story authentically while working equity into the industry.


  • Meet Rebekah, Bex (00:32)
  • Navigating the gatekeepers in the publishing industry (02:42)
  • Rewriting the way we tell stories (05:53)
  • Getting paid without being exploited (07:37)
  • Removing the barriers from storytelling (10:21)
  • What makes a book successful (14:00)
  • How to pitch a book (18:49)
  • The dream and advocacy behind Row House Publishing (21:50)
  • The responsibility of taking a stand in business (28:03)
  • Finding your place within history (33:29)
  • Decolonizing the narratives (37:17)
  • Active consumerism (42:07)
  • Investing in a more equitable future (44:39)