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Body Wise Podcast

Apr 1, 2021

Cristina talks with Jennifer Robins, the superhuman behind Predominantly Paleo, Legit Bread Co., five published cookbooks, and thousands of delicious recipes. Jen knows firsthand the importance of true self care that supports her health and wellness. This episode is full of tips, tricks, and empowerment; your autoimmune disease won’t stop you from doing everything you want, but you can’t forget the importance of true self care!


  • Meet Jennifer Robins (00:19)
  • Balancing goals with autoimmune disease (09:56)
  • Red flags, white flags, and signs you need to slow down (15:42)
  • Working with autoimmunity to manage stress (24:41)
  • Redefining self care outside of beauty regimens (29:50)
  • Finding the food protocol that works for you (35:12)
  • Closing thoughts for self care and autoimmunity (39:36)