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Body Wise Podcast

Jan 1, 2021

Cristina and Laura are celebrating Body Wise Podcast’s 1 year anniversary with a 2020 wrap up and some thoughts for the year ahead. They explore how we can all get back to ourselves after so much trauma and so many dysregulating experiences -- it doesn’t have to be complicated! We can get back into our bodies and our hearts through playfulness, laughter, and fully embracing moments of childlike joy. Happy New Year from Body Wise to you and yours!


  • Celebrating year one of Body Wise Podcast (00:27)
  • The energy of the new year … in the middle of winter (01:25)
  • Following the cycles of energy (03:32)
  • Takeaways from 2020 (04:43)
  • Burning out and feeling tired “for no reason” (09:59)
  • The emotional labor of 2020 (15:28)
  • Managing energy and expectations in 2021 (17:53)
  • Finding moments of peace and joy to bring you back to your self (23:55)
  • Preparing for 2021 (27:55)
  • Playfulness as a spiritual tool (30:06)
  • The value of play (32:35)
  • Last messages for 2020 and welcoming in the year ahead (34:24)


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