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Body Wise Podcast

Dec 15, 2020

Cristina is interrupting the regularly scheduled body shaming diet dogma to bring you a new perspective on pursuing health in the new year. We’ve all had enough to deal with in 2020, let’s not start another year off by traumatizing ourselves with diet culture. Instead, Cristina is inviting you to explore the space between healing protocols and weight loss diets to find what really makes you thrive.



  • Making the shift from weight loss to healing (00:48)
  • Weight loss as a side effect of healing (03:49)
  • Why intuitive eating misses the mark for managing autoimmune diseases (06:04)
  • Elimination diets as wellness tools (07:23)
  • The importance of experimenting to see what really works (08:09)
  • Using dietary protocols without diet dogma (10:51)
  • Finding flexibility within your eating template (12:53)
  • Ancestral eating as a template and a lifestyle (15:31)
  • Tweaking things to build personalization within a protocol (20:23)
  • Looking back to see how far you’ve come in healing (21:07)
  • Diet as the foundation for overall wellness and loving yourself into healing (24:23)


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