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Body Wise Podcast

Nov 1, 2020

Cristina talks with Angie Alt about what’s been left unsaid in the holistic wellness space. Ignoring obstacles to holistic wellness like food insecurity, police violence, and generational trauma causes harm and real health consequences to communities of color. We need to be brave enough to imagine, address, and integrate a more holistic approach to wellness to make it accessible for everyone.


  • Meet Angie Alt (00:19)
  • The importance of activism within the wellness community (04:06)
  • Defining holistic wellness (05:23)
  • The less talked about barriers to wellness (08:24)
  • Representation in the wellness space and whiteness co opting wellness (10:42)
  • Making AIP accessible for all cultures and getting to the real root of root causes (12:33)
  • Addressing the violence obstacles for Black and brown communities (20:25)
  • Starting the conversation: why human rights aren’t political (22:51)
  • How to get over the fear of getting it wrong (27:49)
  • Why imagining better is the key (31:30)
  • Getting realistic about barriers to holistic wellness (34:32)
  • Politics as a root cause for autoimmune disease (36:09)
  • Why self care and bootstrapping aren’t a cure-all (37:54)
  • Getting through to the other side of defensiveness to shift perspectives (42:00)
  • Going beyond the food and taking back our power (47:03)