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Body Wise Podcast

Oct 15, 2020

This episode is very personal and intimate. Laura and Derek share about their experience uncoupling. From finding the courage to talk about divorce, to being on the same page, to the divorce process, to rage, to acceptance and surrender, to finding love and gratitude for each other, to learning about themselves as individuals … all while co-parenting and wanting the best for their kids.


  • Derek, Laura, and their perspectives (00:18)
  • Bringing up the topic of divorce (02:52)
  • The emotional elements of uncoupling (03:59)
  • How the financials and logistics of divorce led to a breaking point (08:25)
  • Unraveling what went wrong (17:50)
  • What changed to make things right (22:36)
  • Rebuilding trust within a broken relationship (26:50)
  • Co-parenting in the midst of divorce (30:23)
  • The paradox of pain and healing … and growth (32:18)
  • Life lessons from divorce (34:39)