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Body Wise Podcast

Sep 15, 2020

As humans, we need the support and companionship that comes with community. Nowadays, that’s a bit more challenging, but luckily, you can build your own community just by being yourself. Everyone has something to bring to the table, and there’s a seat for us all. Pull up a chair as Cristina talks about what she looks for in an online community, what she’s doing to build her own community, and how you can build yours online.


  • The importance of community (00:30)
  • Where online communities started (1:59)
  • What you need to start an online community (02:38)
  • Choosing your platform (7:40)
  • The value of pricing your content appropriately (8:15)
  • The importance of confidence in community (12:37)
  • Choosing the business model that works for you (13:51)
  • What is your message and what do you want to teach the world? (19:40)
  • How the blogging community and social media has changed recently (21:21)
  • Setting boundaries on social media (24:13)
  • The benefits of nurturing a community (26:45)
  • Choosing where to build a platform that works for you (28:17)
  • The ultimate goal of community (32:56)
  • Mi Casa Cooking Club and closing comments from Beyonce (34:26)