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Body Wise Podcast

Aug 15, 2020

Cristina and Brianna cover a variety of topics related to health, from building a better relationship with food, to safe and healthy weight loss that lasts, plus cycle health as the fifth vital sign, Whole30, essential oils, stress management, the role holistic coaching can play in a health journey, and so much more.


  • Meet Brianna Wilkerson and Madewell345 (4:19)
  • Brianna’s experience with weight loss (5:01)
  • How to get into health coaching (7:15)
  • Whole30, paleo, and the gateway to good nutrition (12:30)
  • Why stress is such a huge health obstacle (16:01)
  • The ERC Method: eliminate, reduce, cope (20:22)
  • The mental benefit of one on one and group coaching (22:54)
  • Incorporating essential oils in a wellness practice (25:37)
  • The Healthy Eating and Happy Living Summit (26:48)
  • Unpacking miseducation surrounding women’s health (29:43)
  • Life coaching as a stepping stone to wellness (33:39)