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Body Wise Podcast

Aug 1, 2020

Cristina is riding solo and talking about all things elimination protocol. From the difference between AIP, paleo, and Whole30. Plus what to eat, how to reintroduce foods, what to do when it feels like nothing is working, what labs and tests to request, and the mindset work behind healing. After all, we can choose to thrive, in whatever that looks for each individual.


  • Cristina’s background and the beginning of her health journey (1:55)
  • Paleo as a blueprint (5:41)
  • Whole30, AIP, and elimination diets (6:57)
  • When, how, and why you should reintroduce foods (8:33)
  • Which elimination protocol is right for you? (11:18)
  • Cristina’s life after elimination diets (12:28)
  • Identifying reactions, worth-it foods, and hard-no foods (15:59)
  • Getting the most out of healing through mindset (22:43)
  • What to do when elimination protocols don’t work (24:41)
  • Getting “back to normal” after an elimination diet (27:47)
  • Making choices for your health (30:12)


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