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Body Wise Podcast

Jul 15, 2020

Cristina and Jean Choi, both super moms, talk pregnancy, motherhood, building a business, and doing it all with integrity and intuition at the forefront. After struggling with her own wellness and the lack of care in the conventional health industry, Jean Choi looked inward for answers and found her own innate wisdom, leading her to a healthy pregnancy and a more balanced life as a new mom, cookbook author, and full time food blogger.


  • Meet Jean Choi and What Great Grandma Ate (00:18)
  • Balancing motherhood and a full time job (4:07)
  • Shifting career paths to find health answers (8:50)
  • Amenorrhea, digestion, and making the connection (12:47)
  • Preparing for motherhood (16:28)
  • Removing mom shaming and judgment (19:50)
  • Empowerment through pregnancy and cultural awareness (25:48)
  • Birthing experience and the new normal of early motherhood (29:20)
  • The best foods and exercise for postpartum recovery (35:54)
  • Reclaiming your power in pregnancy (40:27) 
  • Body trust and healing (43:52)