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Body Wise Podcast

Jun 15, 2020

Laura talks with De’Nicea Hilton, doctor of Oriental medicine, Holistic PLAY Activator, and creator of Playful Healing Spaces for women. By recognizing what tools serve you in the moment, you can give yourself the freedom to move through your healing journey. Dr. De’Nicea’s approach applies to every aspect of life, and gives us all permission to embrace, embody, and express our perfectly authentic selves.


  • Meet Dr. De’Nicea Hilton and PLAY (01:30)
  • How self awareness leads to healing (05:19)
  • How to use one symptom to unpack the root cause (10:14)
  • Treating chronic illness with a holistic approach (15:45)
  • Depersonalizing from a condition (18:33)
  • Bringing awareness to wellness (22:06)
  • How to add more play to your life (24:40)
  • Reframing and embracing perfection (30:56)
  • Moving from shadow work into spectrum work (41:20)


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