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Body Wise Podcast

Jun 1, 2020

Laura is teaming up with the period girl herself, Nicole Jardim, to talk about why your period is not meant to be a curse, how to educate yourself on cycle health, the importance of women’s health outside of our fertility, why hormonal birth control is NOT a magic pill, and how to advocate for your body and your overall health. This episode is filled with so many nuggets of wisdom from two people who are absolutely adamant about women’s health; it’s a must listen!


  • Meet Nicole Jardim and Fix Your Period (01:12)
  • How cycle health education impacts overall wellness (05:12)
  • Where to start and how to fix your period (08:01)
  • The power of knowing your body (12:50)
  • How changing your wellness narrative can improve your health (16:24)
  • Changing your relationship with your period and your hormones (19:52)
  • How your menstrual cycle affects your overall health (20:39)
  • Gut health and your cycle (25:13)
  • What diet is best for women (31:26)
  • What happens when you fix your period (38:09)