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Body Wise Podcast

May 15, 2020

Laura is back! We are together in Tampa where we are co-parenting and finding new ways to support ourselves by supporting each other. Even with familial support, life is hard right now … and that’s okay. We are both very different in how we structure our day and our time to ourselves, and our kids bring even more variety to the mix. We thought it would be cool to share what we’re doing and what we’ve learned as we co-parent in this phase of life during the current crisis.


  • Laura’s back, what she’s been up to (00:48)
  • Consequences of motherhood coming first, everything else second (02:45)
  • How co-parenting with family benefits us as individuals (06:45)
  • Our relationships with rest (09:43)
  • Rediscovering passion within your calling (14:12)
  • Empowerment through knowing ourselves and our bodies (22:47)
  • Honoring yourself by slowing down (32:30)
  • How our kids are responding to co-parenting (37:18)
  • Future projects we’re planning together (41:59)


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