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Body Wise Podcast

May 1, 2020

Balancing the struggle to feel comfortable in your body while figuring out how to appreciate who you are, striving for overall health, and still working on weight loss and fitness goals is a juggling act. It’s not as simple as calories in, calories out, fasting all the time, or getting a daily workout in, and the modern woman is carrying a heavier stress load than ever before. In this episode, Karen Martel is decoding weight loss and the biggest barriers for women.


  • How intermittent fasting can negatively impact sex hormones and weight loss (2:48)
  • Stress for the modern woman (6:50)
  • Women, keto, and fasting: why more isn’t better (10:18)
  • Decoding weight loss for women (13:27)
  • Why keto works for men (16:52)
  • Calories in, calories out, and why it doesn’t work (17:48)
  • Timing fasting, feasting, and workouts with your cycle and age (22:24)
  • Seasons of life and how they affect insulin sensitivity and weight (32:16)
  • When to shift your priorities away from weight loss (34:02)
  • Why being lean doesn’t equate to being healthy (42:52)